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Monday, June 2, 2008

Regrets for the Road Not Taken

Honey Bee  AP   linoleum print
I am always a bit sad when a work is finished....I guess it is because the excitement for the project is over and I see how things may have been finished in a better way. (I call this the "pancake theory", as the first few are always not quite as good) After day 1 of the bee prints, I was so excited to add the veil-like orange color that I quickly tried one as a practice before I made the next day's cuts. The next day, I cut more away from the honeycomb border, thinking that breaking up the forms would make the print more complex, more colorful. In looking back, this one practice print is one of my favorites and my error, in the print process, was making things too complex. Printing is about simplicity of form. My painting is not. I will try to remember...."keep it simple, stupid". I am already looking forward to my next prints...........perhaps a spider.

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