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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making Time for Art

Strawberry Boat - Overboard   oil/canvas   5 x 7 x 1.5
I get very grumpy when I don't get to paint each day....just ask my husband. Most of my paintings are large and complicated.....I labor over the concept, the forms and the colors that will most succinctly support my ideas. However, there are days when the duties of being a homeowner, a consumer and an art manager(clerical work to support my calling) consume my time. Yesterday was such a day. I had only 2 hours for my creative work. Small paintings fit the bill for these days. Smaller paintings, for me, tend to be just about the subject matter at hand.....the beautiful colors and textures of fruits, vegetables and small things that don't normally catch our attention. Solving problems in a smaller format can help to solve larger ones down the road. Each has its lessons to teach. I am grateful for those 2 hours.

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