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Monday, May 5, 2008

Transparency and Opacity

Summer Brie   watercolor   13.5 x 21
I work in both oils and watercolors. Each provides me with lessons that can be transferred to the other. I was obsessed with these opposing notions of transparency and opacity for years. Watercolor teaches a deftness and economy of stroke AND transparency. Oils provide creamy opacity. I love attempting both in all of my works. It has been said that opacity provides more of a viewpoint for the artist alone(what is).....and that transparency allows a window for the viewer to see more of his/her own viewpoint(what may be). This watercolor was started in my class and finished at home. It is being shipped tomorrow to the "Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts" and will hang at the Robeson Gallery at Penn State from June 11 through July 13.

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