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Monday, August 25, 2008

sdrawkcab gnikniht

Organic Carrots, watercolor   10 x 17
Thinking backwards is always fun for is sort of a game, and keeps my mind in a playful, nonsensical mode. Traditional watercolors are worked, usually, from light to dark. The opposite is true for working with oils. I enjoy watercolors that incorporate the full-body-ness of oils...sort of a richness with lots of darks. As a result, I have lots of failed watercolors, as it is much more difficult to change your direction once the darks are laid in. Sometimes I try to do the same subject in both mediums to see how they translate. Mostly, I find that a particular subject is better rendered in one medium or another, due to the feelings involved or the appropriateness of the mood. "Organic Carrots" is a spin-off from the "Carrots" oil painting. Why not take full benefit of the purchase of the organic carrots before they wither? Economy is also in my nature. It makes me happy.

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