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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Saturday Night's All Right   oil/canvas   16 x 20 x 1.5
Every now and then, I view the work of an artist that literally gives me goosebumps......Alex Kanevsky. His style gives me inspiration and direction...........we agree on on so many things, especially the prioritizing of the movement of the figure. However, he goes for the universal in figure painting, with little detail and color on the faces of his models. I have always, purposefully, chosen to describe the specific, with an intended leap on the part of the viewer to find the universal. I think that I will explore Kanevsky's philosophy and see where it takes me. "Saturday Night's All Right" was painted from a model during our monthly artwalk in Akron, Ohio. It took round about 5 hours to finish. It has just been accepted into "Sensory Feast", an exhibition at 2nd April Galerie in Canton. Opening is September is a wonderful and magical gallery..........come on along.

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