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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stand up for Painting

Mitzi   oil/canvas   14 x 11 x 1.5
I paint alongside some wonderful painters! We share the passion of choosing to spend our time with brushes, paints, papers and canvasses, all of which give us joy beyond measure. I listen to some mighty loud music as I paint and I am certain that there is some foot-tapping involved as I have been asked to stop bouncing on the floor.....I finished a few minutes early last Saturday night at the Akron Art Walk, and happened to observe my friend (and amazing painter) Mitzi Lai in action. Her stance is like that of a fencer, one foot in front of the other. Her brush is poised at-the-ready. Her concentration seems to gather up and when she hits critical mass, she takes a stab at the canvas. It was wonderfully revealing, and marvelously intense! I love that girl's style! I believe that sitting while painting creates a more passive work. Standing, on the the other hand, or foot as it may be, gives one a full range of motion.......Carry on, Mitzi! You inspire me.

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