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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

zen mind...beginners mind

Turnabout Carducci   watercolor/gouache   20.5 x 26
It is difficult to enter into a beginners mind when painting is what you do daily. What a paradox it all is! You spend hours and hours solving complex visual problems. It should then follow that painting would become easier and problems would be resolved more quickly.....more "quality works" would result...right? WRONG. In looking back over my many paintings, there are a few that have a certain something, a "je ne sais quois", that make them appealing, holding up to the years of work and accumulation of knowledge and rules. "Turnabout Carducci" is such a painting. It was painted in 1999. It is a painting of my friend and colleague, Judith B. Carducci, who is usually the one doing the painting rather than the posing. "Turnabout Carducci" is in the permanent collection of The Ohio Watercolor Society. The permanent collection of the OWS will be on exhibit November 7 from 6-8pm in collaboration with "Watercolor Ohio 2008". The collection will be shown at Fort Hayes Arts & Academic High School, Shot Tower, 546 Jack Gibbs Boulevard in Columbus.

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