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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Neutrals or not

Concepcion Likes Vivid Colors   mixed on paper   35.5 x 22
As a younger painter, I learned about the value of neutrals in painting.....they allow the brighter, more pure colors to work their magic when placed side-to-side. I have always loved neutrals myself....they are quieter and less demanding. Nothing pleases me more than a color which must be described as blueish-orangeish-purpleish. But we all know that art is subjective and nothing is less solid than the rules. Concepcion is an artist that has painted in my classes for years. Whenever I lectured on and on about the values of neutrals, she would reluctantly give it a try. Then, she would confirm that she much preferred vivid colors. It simply is not in her genetic makeup to love neutrals. She wears colorful clothing and carries wildly beautiful bags. I, on the other hand, am a walking neutral, blending in with my surroundings. It makes me happier. This summer I had the opportunity to draw Concepcion in a native Mexican dress.

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