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Monday, February 16, 2009

Taking Stock

Chameleon   oil/canvas   20 x 16
The "Winter Blues" exhibit at Second April Galerie in Canton features a marvelous sculptural piece called "Taking Stock". Hit me like a brick. It seems that many artists do self-portraits every now and then.....I do. It helps up to take stock, to see ourselves and our place in the world, to think about our shortcomings and our neuroses and how to deal with them. Every vacation photo was the same....tanned smiling faces.....all except mine. Mine was a sunburned red smiling face. I was perpetually teased and singled out. Yuck. Several years ago, during a snowstorm, I pulled my easel up to the large windows, used a mirror and painted myself with the swirling whiteness behind me. My skin looks dark in comparison. I struggle and it shows. Honesty. I don't tan....I deal with it.

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