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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Tired Official...a sketch
The quality of the sun is changing - it is late February. I am reminded now of the beginning of track season, which was a staple in our household. Many of my sketches are of the athletes and fans who populate these events. Today I remind myself of "Tired Official". I wonder why I blog....I started when "The Art Calendar" highly recommended it as a way to increase an artist's presence on the web. And I did it grudgingly. Some folks think that blogging is an egotistical thing to do, although I never thought of along those lines, as I really enjoy the "Robert Genn twice weekly" blog that I follow. Sometimes it speaks to me, and sometimes it doesn't. Those I don't have to read. The real benefit, I have found, is the self-validation of problem-solving that occurs each day on my canvas and in my life. When I take the time to summarize my findings, I help myself to learn and grow. I will be a forever-student. I am not certain how beneficial this blog is to any others. In fact, sometimes it just makes me tired.

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