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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sixty Pairs of Eyes

Terry and Dan...a sketch
Last evening was our club's monthly critique. It is probably our most popular monthly meeting as everyone brings works that are currently in progress or, sometimes, finished. What a stimulating event it is! Our leader last evening was Terry Richard who goes about the task in an efficient way and seems to zero in on areas that are not working in short order. He was assisted by Dan Lindner who plays "gopher" by putting all of the paintings up for viewing. It is such a treat to be entertained with colors, shapes and movement. Some of us also use the time to our advantage by sketching while we are sitting. My brain is always overstimulated by this event, but in a most pleasant way. Judy Gaiser's blue heron and Ann Ferguson Kah's Arizona tree were standouts. My painting-in-progress received some helpful notes. Sixty pairs of eyes are better than one.

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