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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Look to the skies

Mr. Watt's Rocket Day - The Spectators   watercolor   26 x 18 
It is an amazingly sunny and warm early Spring day here in northeast Ohio. Actually, we have more cloudy days here than just about anywhere else in the country. So, when it is beautiful, people really get excited! This is the time of year that Mr. Watt would introduce rocketry to his fifth grade students. And, on a day just like today, the rockets would be launched. Seeing my painting of the crowd pleases me.....I like the way the group of students plus teacher works and breathes as a single organism. It excites me. Perhaps it is because my children were the direct benefactors of Mr. Watt's enthusiasm. Perhaps it is because the scene evokes such wonderful memories for me. And perhaps it awakens the child in me, the one who would like to send a rocket soaring.

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