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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A Jubilant Mr. Watt   watercolor   28 x 20
"My right hand is being held by someone who knows more than I, and I am the student. My left hand is being held by someone who knows less than I, and I am the teacher". I don't know who authored this quote, but I can't agree more.....for me, the notion of education is circular. Experience doesn't mean much if we can't approach new works with the eyes of a beginner. Repetition of past success leads only to life-in-a rut. My friend Pat Sargent retired from an outstanding career in arts education with the Akron Public Schools. She is a firm believer in educating yourself, in the search for self-knowledge. Formal education is indeed a mixed bag, as one is subjecting herself to the value systems of the teacher. Following one's own path allows the artist to accept some notions, and to reject others. The quest is the thing. And I believe that creative people are more motivated by learning than by money. I am inspired by teachers such as Pat Sargent and by Mr. Watt, the teacher of rocketeers.

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