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Thursday, April 2, 2009

And speaking of brown.....and coffee...and ink...and Wallace Stevens

Oranges and Wallace Stevens
This morning I awoke at 5:30 am and there was no possibility of returning to the sleep. So I brewed a big pot of coffee and enjoyed more of "All Over Coffee" by Paul Madonna. What a poet! What an illustrator! All of the drawings of San Francisco surrounds and neighborhoods are done in sepia ink. They are enchanting. He is a perceptive and poetic often the two seem to reside! He deftly explores and describes the human condition and, in doing so, helps me to accept my own humanity. Paul Madonna, his words, his thoughts and his beautiful brown drawings have inspired me!
The browns are all there for us to love...the umbers, the sepias, the siennas and the coffee.....they seem to bring us so close to the earth. I need to break out my bottle of sepia ink and my new sumi brush.


Terry Banderas said...

I was interested to see your comments on Paul Madonna. I have a link to him on my site as I want all artists to look at his art. He is a tremendous artist. I enjoy all of his artwork.

Joan Colbert said...

You know I have such a thing for Wallace Stevens - your painting captures what I always envision to be the mood of Sunday Morning.