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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Between Drawing and Painting

Twosome   watercolor   14 x 10
I have found that many people who sign up for painting classes want to skip the drawing part. Too bad. Most of the errors that occur during painting are the result of drawing errors. I guess that drawing doesn't seem as fun.....what with no colors to choose from and no medium. I don't feel that way at all, as both drawing and painting involve visual problem solving....I am indeed in love with the process. It is THE TIME SPENT IN CREATING that spins my fan. There is always a half-step, a compromise, so to speak, between the two. Painting with one color allows the artist to experience the medium and solve value problems, without the extremely complex notion of color. After all, it really is value that tells the tale. I have found that the browns work extremely well as their built-in value property is quite dark, thereby having the capabilities of spanning the entire value scale. Not only that, it is pure unadulterated fun. Try'll like it.

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