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Friday, May 8, 2009


Maiden   mixed/paper   19 x 13.5
I am very mistrustful of words. Dominant cultures have altered meanings and implications throughout time to suit their need for power. Words are used to empower and to diminish. OK. We have to use them to communicate....right? I guess that I appreciate and am more likely to trust those who measure and use fewer words. Visual communication is subjective. It is quiet. The word " pagan" is a perfect example. It used to imply "of the country" or "rustic".....a person who lives his/her life in an intuitive way, according to the seasons. Somehow along the way, the word has been tainted. Spring's renewal of energy is a wonderful feeling. I have been watching the unfurling of our ferns. The unwinding of the frond is unmatched in beauty. Its implications are numerous. Pure rhythm. "Maiden" was drawn with soft pencil. The ferns were printed afterwards.

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