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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Rock Stah   oil/canvas   30 x 24 x .75
I absolutely love getting twinges of interest from information that flies freely in my direction. Inspiration abounds from the least likely places. Music, lyrics and rhythms are my favorites. My son Nate plays guitar and is a Bob Dylan affectionado.....he reads Dylan's words and studies his music. This past weekend he shared with me an interesting Dylan-fact. It seems that Bob Dylan strives to play each of his songs differently each time.........Whoa............that is profound for me. That makes each song, each work, original each time. He avoids the lull of sameness. Lately, Dylan has been into changing the rhythms of 4/4 songs into triplets. That certainly is a way of spinning off into a fresher "newness"! Thank you Nate! Thank you Bob Dylan!

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