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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Painters' Post

Tortoise...a small watercolor sketch
Another source of inspiration for me comes in the form of Robert Genn's twice weekly newsletter which is sent to my email box. He is a wonderful writer and touches on subjects that often speak to me. He has composed another site called "Painters' Post" which includes inspirational articles from around the world that may be of interest to painters. My time is limited and valuable so I need to get to the marrow ASAP. Yesterday I read an article by Germaine Greer that piqued my interest. I thought about her ideas the entire day. You can the site at: . Today I chose an article for reading that dealt with slowing down.....perfect. Taking things at a snail's pace has its advantages. I become both the tortoise and the hare during my days and weeks. In order to have timeless creative hours, I become a hare with everything else. Laundryvacuuminggroceryshoppingpostofficemealplanningcooking........
..ahhhhhhh..................p*a*i*n*t*i*n*g. Off to work order to slow down.

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