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Thursday, May 14, 2009


The word enthusiasm comes from "en theo".....which translates as "God within". I have to agree. Enthusiasm, for me, is defined by an infectious, childlike joy. Ah, if we could only approach our daily work this way! We have the choice to approach our work in this way. The L-brain way tells us to approach our work in progressive steps, always prescribed by "the other", orderly and rule-ridden. This way creates self-doubt and invites containment and criticism, as "someone's" rule has always been tedium. If we approach our work with a childlike joy lead by the R-brain, the lotus of control moves to self....we create our own rules, solve our own problems and liberate the creativity within. Tough stuff. Yesterday, I watched a small video with what appears to be an inner-city choir singing "The Eye of The Tiger" by Survivor and lead by their guitar-playing teacher who has enthusiasm to spare. The spirit and lack of inhibition by the students inspired me for the day....the week. Visit:

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