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Monday, May 18, 2009


daisy stamp...carved from eraser
Saturdays are my days to break my weekly routine. Saturdays are for yard work, errands, framing, catching up on details and making small bits of art just for grand paintings or drawings.....just bits of creative experimentation that may lead to something down the road. IDEAS. This past Saturday, I attended a wonderful two-hour workshop on printing lead by Susan Mencini. Susan lead us through the process of conception, carving and printing from plastic erasers. Pure fun. There were a dozen or so artists present...each one turned out a marvelous stamp. We used Speedball lino-cut tools and juicy water-soluble markers for printing. What a wonderful way to add to Saturday fun. Each exhibit at Summit Artspace offers many such Saturday afternoon forays into creative fun....just a taste, just a bit of what could lead to something bigger. If you have some free Saturday afternoon time please visit:

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