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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Art of the Figure....tee hee hee

January Nude   pastel/paper   19.75 x 8
I see the human body as a major miracle, a thing of beauty, and I love to study it. Muscles of dancers and runners thrill me. Postures of musicians titillate. But the jokes associated with life drawing classes (tee hee hee) have never been that funny to me. We are a culture of contrasts: we don't think twice about watching people get "blown away" in movies or in video games; we love to watch intimate details of people treating each other horribly, disregarding kindness and respect, through the lens of reality television; and women with plastic breasts stare at us from magazine racks at every quick-stop across the land. But somehow the nude human body scares us, taints us and could possibly be evil? It is my own humble opinion that things are a bit bass-ackwards here. "The Art of the Figure" exhibit at Peninsula Art Academy will be shown through October 17. Will all school children who view the exhibit be forever tainted? I think not. I hope for "forever inspired".

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Ellen Doerres said...

Very well said, and I couldn't agree with you more. Here's to the natural beauty of the human figure, and celebrating it in all of it's shapes and sizes through artistic expression for all ages.