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Monday, September 7, 2009

Market and High...

Market and High...a sketch
Yesterday morning I sat outside of the Akron Art Museum for an hour handing out postcards for Summit Artspace to museum-goers. The goal is for more area art-lovers to realize the existence of area artists, where they work and where they exhibit. I really had no idea that so many people visited the museum before noon! Of course, it was a free Sunday Sampler and an exhibit of Chuck Close, a combination that is hard to resist. The presence of window washers(on Sunday?) using an outrageously loud lift made it hard to talk and to concentrate. So, when possible, I retreated into my own visual world, where I find stimulation and comfort both. I concentrated on the old part of the building and drew some of the ornamentation which was vastly affected by the changing light. come some people. Letting go of drawings is so very hard for me. I never want to leave that mind arena. By noon I had handed out scads of postcards and had finished a small drawing. The drawing will be ever incised into my memory.....I hope that the recipients of those cards have that same endless-joyful-feeling as they take in the work at the Akron Art Museum. I also hope that many of them will find a new venue to explore in Summit Artspace.

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