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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paint Like No One's Watching

Deference   oil/canvas   40 x 30 x .75
My sister once gave me a small gilded plaque that said, "Dance Like No One's Watching". I guess one could infer that would mean without any self-consciousness whatever. Letting it all hang out. I read once that dancing was one of the most right-brained activities there is....totally in the moment...just feeling the instructions. How nice. This Saturday Night is the Akron Art Walk from 5-10 pm. What a wonderful way to spend the evening! I will be painting at our ASA studio on the third floor of Summit Artspace at 140 E. Market Street until 9:30 pm along with a motley group of painters from The Akron Society of Artists. I am told that our model will be a dancer.....dancers are my favorites models as they are comfortable with their bodies and seem to hold to a higher notion of "the dance" above "the self". I will attempt to paint like no one's watching.

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