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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Painter - Labor Series

Painter   oil/canvas   49 x 24 x 1.5
It's funny how a simple word can pull up impressions in our brains. The notion of "painter" for example. A painter who paints pictures on canvas conjures up a romantic notion, those who are somewhat removed from the society at large, and those whose notion of beauty or personal expression take preference over daily labor. The painter who paints the homes of others can be considered an "underling", and often get paid only a minimum wage to do the work that homeowners don't have time to do for themselves. These two notions are vastly disparate.....but I like the idea of offering these two stereotypes for consideration, for thought. Both wield a brush with ease. Both work hard. "Painter" was done from a series of photos take while visiting San Francisco. The city is filled with these Victorian monster-houses, built before the cost of heating was an issue. The temperate climate there is relatively easy on these homes and few seem to be vinyl-sided. On each block, one can see home that are "in the process" of renewal. Constant upkeep. I loved the combination of shapes, both geometric and organic, the mix of which can result in a good painting. I wanted to honor this young Hispanic painter even though he has no idea that his picture is here on the internet. And yes, I deem him a painter.

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