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Thursday, December 10, 2009


April...a sketch
Although I profess to be a lover of novelty and experimentation, I will acknowledge that certain ways of working are appropriate to certain circumstances. Standing while painting and drawing offers the possibility for more movement, grander strokes, a more aggressive application of pigment. Large brushes, large sticks of pigment and pencils with very large leads seem to work the best. So does a large sheet of paper or a large canvas. Sitting while working is more passive and more intimate.....usually leading to smaller sizing of both tools and grounds. Which is best? Neither, in my opinion. Both have their benefits and their limitations. Just like musicians who are able to construct songs that both elevate and let down; both shout and whisper; both accelerate and decelerate; artists who go to both lengths can widen their visual experiences resulting in more freedom and more interest, both for the viewer and for the artist herself. Avoiding the same the same the same. My drawing of April was done in a grandstand at the MAC championships in 2007. It is one of my favorite drawings in the aforementioned sketchbook. It was done in bits and pieces throughout the event with a small pencil, probably a harder lead. It is small and tender. Perhaps I appreciated my patience that willingness to take a bit longer, to consider a bit more, and to enjoy the finer mark-making. My natural impulsiveness usually precludes this kind of work. Good memory. One of my personal goals is to do that which does not come naturally.

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