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Monday, January 11, 2010

It Takes a Village...

Every Mother's Daughter   oil/canvas   36 x 48
I am a painter.....yes, indeed. And a painter with focus, I believe. But I am a mother, first of all. We human beings are very fragile....our children are fragile.....and I believe that the responsibility of raising feel-good children belongs to us all. Many years ago, I painted a young friend while she was still a university student. For me, she epitomized the notion of openness, of inclusion....she still does. She posed, somewhat painfully, on the fireplace mantle in her small apartment, with an Indian mandala cloth tacked up on the wall behind. This holiday season I heard from dear Kate.....she is really one of a handful (sadly - yes) of women I have met who celebrate others as well as themselves....who understand the notion of different but equal.....a very difficult lateral adjustment for those of us who grew up within the vertical ladder of success of authoritarian behavior. ( Escape from Freedom, Erich Fromm) Sure, she demonstrates good-for-me......but she also celebrates good-for-you. She is the product of lots of love....from her parents.....and from the village. She now lives in LA and works in Hollywood in the movie industry....and travels the globe. Good for you, Kate!

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