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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Winter Print   watercolor   11.5 x 8
Crunch is definitely an onomatopoeia word.....sounds like its intended meaning. And we are hearing plenty of it these days as we trod through the snow to get our mail and get to our vehicles. Crunch. The footprints left behind are a sort-of fragile relief.....many layers of to and fro....patterns that catch the light in various ways. Last year I attempted a footprint fact, I attempted two. My goal was to achieve the 3-dimensions of the pressed print left in the snow by heavily soled and corrugated boots. OK. play with color temperature....a dominant cool painting with bits of warmth to make it more dynamic. This little project was more work that what I thought! Each stroke seemed too strong.....yet necessary for the definition of the pieces parts. The little resultant painting is confusing, I think. I don't believe that it reads as it should. The print part doesn't really read as being beneath the surface of the snow. Perhaps my aesthetic need to join the shape with the background resulted in the visual confusion. At any rate, I am still crunching away. Maybe I will try it winter.

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