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Friday, January 22, 2010

The sublime...the soft...the understated...

White Rose Pair   watercolor   6.5 x 20
To me, watercolor works are sublime. Soft. Understated. These days we are barraged with images from all corners of our existence and, unfortunately, those images that shout the loudest are those that stay with us. Watercolors require us to pay attention. They often speak to what is underneath the surface. And they are the most difficult to bring to fruition given the nature of the medium, which does not allow for infinite applications of paint. In a world of words, watercolor is poetry and even, perhaps, haiku. In my earlier years, I wanted watercolor to be the end-all while I went about trying to break through its limitations. That is envelope pushed. These days I find myself being more satisfied with its limitations, and even enjoying them. That is good too. Age? Fatigue? Acceptance? Whatever. "White Rose Pair" is one of my favorites.....I can actually say that I like it. Especially the small violet wash that came as a surprise.

Watercolor is full of surprises................that is its strength.

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