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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Understanding the Nature of Things essentially a drawing problem but it is encountered in painting class when that particular problem has not yet been addressed by the artist.  Things such as:  braids, chain link fences, brick work and rooftop shingles are perfect examples.  We must really understand how the fence is constructed, and how the brick is laid before we can accurately paint it.  The understanding of it is rhythmic.  If the rhythm is described well, and felt, then we need not portray each and every bend of the metal, or twist of the hair.  Sometimes it just takes an understanding of the counter-space, the space left behind, under and between.  If we over-describe these highly-complex rhythms, the power of the big picture is reduced as our attention is drawn to the each-and-every-brick.

Underdone rather than over.  Saying too little rather than too much.  Negative space left for contemplation.

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