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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Buddies   oil/canvas   20 x 10 x .5
results when the temperature drops a bit in September.  The humidity is lower.  The mornings are crisp and clear.  As a result, everything seems to come into, landscapes and feelings seem to be crisper.  We are lucky to live close to a large reservoir that is used year round recreationally for many folks who fish, boat and hike.  I believe that fishing is a tranquilizer for those who enjoy it just as painting is for me.  Peace.  Quiet.  Oneness.  Fresh Air.  The losing of the self in the activity.

I don't much enjoy the notion of painting a landscape.  Perhaps it all seems so far away.  My subjects tend to be pulled in more closely.  A  vertical "slice of landscape" seems to fit the aesthetic bill for me. I am able to hear the water lapping against the sides of the aluminum canoe.

Buddies is an observation.  Fishing with a friend.

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