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Monday, September 13, 2010

The term "high art"

implies  a polar opposite which would likely be deemed "low art".  High. Low.  The image perceived is that of a ladder where concepts and individuals are in a position where some have a leg up, and others a leg down.  Verticality.  Yang thinking.  A paradigm construed of aggression, authority, words and left-brained thinking.  I guess then, that Hummers and McMansions would then be seen as higher up than Volkswagon Beetles and cottages.  And what is deemed high or low would be defined by our own position on the ladder....we humans are egocentric creatures.  I propose a change from "high art" to "hi art" (as in "hello", the greeting)....that which speaks to an individual, no matter what place that individual holds on the perceived totem.  A shift to the horizontal, the yin......respecting differences, respecting the vast spectrum of visual appeal.  Intuition.  Feeling.  And, yes, sentiment.  Tolerance.  Different art, different music, different tribes.  All cool.  I guess then that the work of Thomas Kinkaid could be considered "Hi Art" to lots of people.  The deciders of what is "hi art" could then be individuals themselves, rather than the "authority on high" deciding what is worthy and what is not.

Hi Art.

Question  Authority.

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