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Monday, January 24, 2011

How DOES he do that?...

Still Life with Jug and Poppies   watercolor   4 x 6
Dean Mitchell, I mean.  Painting small, I mean.  Returning to the studio after the holidays is always difficult.  I understand the supposed ripeness of the dormancy period.  But facing the white canvas or the white paper is scary....more so after being away for a while.  I found that my strokes were too heavy, too deliberate.  My sleight of hand had also been on holiday.  After perusing the Dean Mitchell book of exhibition paintings loaned by a friend, I was inspired by some of the miniature works and decided to paint a small still life.  As a painter who relishes large spaces and big brushes, this was truly a challenge.  Smaller brushes.  Less freedom.  Being concise is a virtue when painting small.

"Still Life with Jug and Poppies" is 4 x 6.  I am happy with it.  But I am ready to get big again.

Dean Mitchell:  Space, People and Places is on exhibit at the Canton Museum of Art through March 6.

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