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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Pen...

Ivy Drive Seth...sketch done with Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Pen in Blue
I would guess that many art-supply addicts can also be seen in the dark alleys of office supply stores to get their fixes of adrenaline.  Years ago, and I mean years ago, I read an article about an artist who worked in travel journals with a Pilot Precise V7 Rolling Pen in blue ink.  These pens have a needlepoint somewhat like those nasty technical pens that always seem to be clogged. This  pen makes beautiful rolling and seamless lines.....AND it also responds to a water wash to soften and delight.  I immediately bought the pens and there they sat, in my desk drawer, as a reminder of things to be.  In the first days of the new year, we helped our son switch apartments in Charlottesville....lots of moving and cleaning.  Lucky for me, I glanced at those unopened pens before the trip and vowed to give them a try during our down-time.  Yes-in-deedy-di.  I am definitely not a line-driven artist, but the washy substance gives me a thrill.  I am afraid that I did not spend too much time on the drawings themselves, as I was so excited about the wash.  Experiments.  More tools in the creativity arsenal. 

Added to my small pouch of sketching supplies to be found in my bag:

1-Pilot V7 rolling pen in blue
1-small watercolor brush
1-folded paper towel for drying and blotting.

Life is good.

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