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Monday, April 25, 2011


Chinoiserie Eggs  watercolor   12.5 x 9
are always a challenge to paint....white, elliptical and fairly reflective.  I usually try to put eggs into a composition with patterning in order to highlight, by contrast, these qualities.  "Chinoiserie Eggs" came into being fairly easily and, I have to say, I enjoyed the rendering of the blue design.  As always, the most difficult part became the opaque darks surrounding the pot itself.  Selective light washes were painted over most of the egg surfaces in order to really eliminate the "too much white stuff" quality that undermines so many watercolors.  Dirty water washes are often a great addition, I find, as the pigments swimming around in the wash water make for harmonious neutral glazes.

Making egg salad from the set up is just gravy.

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