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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Workshop Work...

Fedora and Stripes   charcoal/paper   20.5 x 13
It has taken me quite a while to accept the fact that my workshop work is not usually my best.  Not only is it difficult to focus clearly in a workshop setting, the concerns of having enough coffee and the volume level of music tend to disrupt and get in the way.  My top concern is that the participants have a successful experience.  As a result, my own workshop drawings are often discarded.  The work of the participants must be the priority and, I must say, I have been so greatly pleased in this regard.  The fact that what I am trying to communicate visually is getting through to participants is unbelievably rewarding!  And, the fact that my own work seems to be sub-par during this same time period is disappointing but no longer a surprise.  As I culled through the work from the expressive drawing human figure work, I decided that one drawing was worth some extra work.  It was on good paper.  "Fedora and Stripes" is the finished drawing.  Thanks to Leta for being such a great model.

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