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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Handed-ness Matters...

Paint Dancer Detail
no....not left or right.  I am referring to how we strike or caress the painting surface with our tools.  I believe that those of us with heavy hands need to learn how to caress the surface in appropriate passages.  And, likewise, those of us with a more timid approach, must learn to bravely become heavy handed and bolder when the work requires it.  I guess it seems similar to learning to play the piano....or any instrument for that matter.  Fortissimo.  Pianissimo.  Over the years I have found that, in general, it is more beneficial for me to lighten up my touch.  ( I am a natural heavy-hander).  A lighter touch provides more glide.  An energy that allows for more curve, more swerve.  When I recently experimented with gold leafing, I was so very surprised at the light touch required, with a soft brush using circular movement, to actually adhere the leaf to the adhesive.  (In my mind, there was a burnishing, a pounding effect....wrong)  A light touch allows for more free play and more movement.  To and fro.  Ebb and flow.  Push and pull.   All good.

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