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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just how far will you go...

Pumpkin with Canned Peppers   Pastel/Paper   7.75 x 8.5 finish a painting?  I go pretty far.  Long ago when things didn't go as planned, I would begin again, only to find different passages left wanting.  Commitment is the thing.  An interactive relationship between me, the artist, and the painting.  No over-control.  No under-control.  A seeming back-and-forthness that will take you into a creative place you have never been.  This work started out as a drawing demo during a workshop.  Not much color....just the contes and sticks in my pencil box.  At home I added pastel.  Thought it was done..... The next day when I evaluated it, I saw BORING.  Nothing worse.  Using linoleum block ink and a template made of tracing paper, I printed over top.  Zing.  I am much happier.  The last step was to touch up a few passages with pastel.  Having everything in its proper place is just not enough for me these days.  I need a bit of chaos, a bit of happenstance.  Love that word.  Love its effect.

Surprises are so sweet.

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