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Monday, November 21, 2011


Pumpkin Patch   Watercolor   8.75 x 8.75
Because the interests of the artists in my watercolor class are so varied, we often vote on a genre to pursue.  Our last project in the fall session was landscape.  My goals were:  a small colorful rendering; using smaller brushes than usual due to its size; and, of course, animation.  I had hoped to stay true to my usual, that was not possible.  My love for strong design trumps reality.  I started by creating a nest for my pumpkin patch.....chaotic strokes and scrapings that would simulate the field in which they perched.  Loose to tight.  The reverse is impossible....for me.  I tried to create a rhythm around the rows of pumpkins, as well as washing over some in order to strengthen others.  This is a small painting - 10 x 10.  I am least as happy as I can be at the finish.  I always seem to yearn for the path not taken.  Indecision.

The next painting is always my favorite.

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