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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goal Setting...

Cellist   Pastel   20.5 x 13

is a good idea, I think.  There are so many things to think about when painting and drawing...too many things.  By focusing on one or two elements, I believe that we can feel success more readily, as well as expand our visual repertoires of problem-solving.  Pushing the envelope, so to speak.  For our last group model session before the summer break, I chose to come armed with a minimum of supplies....a pastel stick in inky blue, a wide flat watercolor brush, a water container, and a slice of watercolor paper.  I worked back and forth between drawing with the pastel stick and softening with water....a way of destroying, of dissolving a bit of the less-important.  I had a wonderful time.  The largest hurdle, I found, was the complete intensity of pastel as a medium.  It is the purest medium and, as a result, darks were achieved much more quickly than I am used to in either watercolor or oil.  Savoring the whites was more difficult.  I guess I am used to a slower build-up.  But the whole purpose of the challenge is to keep myself fresh by switching up some of the variables.

I was satisfied with the result and the experience took me out of my comfort zone.  What could be better....inky blue + musician?  Nothing.

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