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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The ebb and flow...

The Piper   oil/canvas   30 x 24
Painting ebbs and flows.  Good fortune ebbs and flows.  Life ebbs and flows.  So does community.  I have been blessed to live in a visually appealing area.  Many of my paintings are the result of what I see around me.  Such is the case with The Piper.  Diane and Harry have lived up the street from me for years.  Our children attended school at about the same time.  And we commonly share a love for century homes and their resultant quirks.  Theirs is a lovely yellow Victorian at the center of town.  Ours is a gray Greek Revival farmhouse further down the road.  A couple of weeks ago I noticed a "for sale" sign in their yard which both concerned me and piqued my interest.  On my daily exercise round yesterday, I stopped by while a moving van was loading up.  They are moving to Florida, a small community with a Scottish appropriate.  Diane is one of the most positive persons I have ever met.  After a bout with polio at age 6, she feels that the rest of her life has been uphill.  Her enthusiasm rubbed off and I felt instantly uplifted.  She has an amazing gift.  After a hug and some well-wishing, I was on my way, with a lilt in my step, I must say.

Thank you to Harry for posing for our art group a few years back...........a difficult standing and weighted pose I might add.  I was blessed with that communal opportunity.

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