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Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Rare Treat...enjoying the music of The Speedbumps...Cellist

Cellist   pastel/paper   20.5 x 13
is, for me, witnessing, experiencing, seeing and listening to something completely novel...a journey into the new and different.  We become so accustomed to the usual these days where our brains are constantly bombarded with stimulation.  It takes a lot to stand out.  We have always enjoyed the music of the Speedbumps, a local band with a new sound.  The symphony, not so much.  Although symphonic selections are quite lovely, I always re-experience childhood piano lessons...the same...again and again.  Hybrids have captured my vehicles, foods, in visual art and in music.  Combining the staid with the new provides a certain-something that captures my interest.  Mixed media.  Cafe au lait.  A partially destroyed painting providing a new path to resolution.  And so it was when the Speedbumps joined forces with the Canton Symphony this past Friday evening.  We were stimulated, excited, blown away.  A Prius of an experience.

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