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Monday, October 22, 2012

Line:Mass...a self-portrait

The Devil in Disguise

There are really two distinct approaches to drawing:  line and mass, and I believe that, for each of us, one excites more than the other.  Line involves line-making, all kinds, in order to build the surfaces and to define the subject.  Lines can be overlaid; hatched and cross-hatched.  Line drawings can run the gamut from simple to complex.  Lines are strong and resilient. Lines are produced from the the drawing tool, the pencil, from its stylus end.  Mass, on the other hand, results from often using the sides of the tool, with lots of mushing around.  Blending stumps are used, as are erasers.  The end result is, in my opinion, softer and more painterly.  I am definitely a mass-person.  However, as in most aspects of my life, I am a hybrid.  I like to use the power of the line to add a bit of punch (I like to think of it as punctuation) to a softer mass drawing.

The Devil in Disguise was drawn while looking in a mirror.  I am very satisfied in its ability to convey what I wanted:  that the mask is indeed separate from the head and that is presence has squished my eyes into an uncomfortable position.  I am also satisfied with the mass and mark-making, a good combination, I think, of the two approaches.

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