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Thursday, March 7, 2013

One Green Gumdrop...

One Green Gumdrop   watercolor   12.5 x 9
Our class assignment was "a jar of ______".  The challenge was to render these sugary treats as they appeared behind well as to describe the nature of the Ball jar.  Large background strokes of transparent watercolor were subsequently layered over with gouache...hopefully, just enough to let the color peek through and offer a bit of pastel opacity.  The polar opposites of opacity::transparency have been with me for years....I like to think that it offers the best of both worlds.  It has been said that transparency offers more of an entry, a participation, for the viewer....that which is to be.  And, conversely, opacity offering more of what is seen by the artist...that which is, that which is definite.  This is my response to the challenge.

And, as far as the green gumdrop.....why is it that our favorites are more often in short supply?

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