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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cooperative. Cooperation. Cooperate

It takes a fair amount of cooperation to build a drip castle....the movements of two or more individuals timed in a rhythmic way in order to avoid collisions.  The more beautiful the rhythms, the more creative the endeavors.  Same with driving, same with cooking......AND with creating an artist cooperative with 9 other artists! I read somewhere that musicians are terrific cooperators, as they are used to being one part of several in the grand orchestration.  Visual artists not so much, as their work is primarily solitary.  But we are putting our best collective feet forward and have been slowly ironing out the kinks.   Our gallery:  Group Ten.  Location:  138 Burbick Way in Kent, Ohio.  Hours:  Thursday-Sat noon to 5.  (this is temporary).  Grand opening:  September 13....mark your calendars!  Details to follow.  My fellow cooperators:  Ben Bassham; Debrah Butler; Jeff Fauser; Judy Gaiser; Fran Lehnert; Thompson Lehnert; Jance Lentz; Geoff Mowery; and John Smolko.

A collaborative effort to be sure.

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