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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Strawberry Basket   oil on canvas   12 x 5.5 x 1.25
needs to be included in the process of painting, I think.  Too often, for myself as well, painting takes on an active role just as one paints a wall, a house.  Cut in the edges.  Use a roller.  Any spots left?  Passive painting includes the time that one spends without a brush in hand in consideration of what needs done, what will improve the work.  The most dreaded question for me in class is, "What do I do next?", for that implies my own sense of aesthetic, rather than the aesthetic of the artist whose work is being considered. 

Strawberry Basket was originally painted from life in my studio in a back-lit situation.  I have never fared well in that situation as the reality of the scene (the play of light) needs to define the work, rather than my own design-based approach.  I am at odds.  Originally this work had a dark background, a kind of old masters take on the subject.  I just couldn't live with it.  After much consideration, the project was reinvented with my own sense of correctness.  I am happy.

We must, in my opinion, hone our own aesthetic sensibility, a personal sense of correctness.  Therein lies our style, that which we are seeking.

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