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Friday, December 18, 2015


Cardinal   watercolor holiday card   5 x 7
Wow...oh the stuff!  stuff!  stuff!  stuff!  On a recent trip to Trader Joe's for holiday goodies, I stopped in to the adjacent shops....Sur La Table, Anthropologie, and Barnes and Noble.  As most of my holiday shopping is completed online, this trip to the marketplace was a snap realization of just how materialistic our culture has become.  And, oh, the prices!  While I still enjoy giving a gift or two, especially to the little ones, the greatest gift of all, to me, is "presence", the beauty of being with loved ones and in the presence of nature in all of its winter glory. 

One of our favorite cards we have recently received quotes Calvin Coolidge:
To cherish peace and good will is to have the real spirit of Christmas.

In our watercolor class, we traditionally draw names....the recipient is then sent an original watercolor card.  This is my offering to Deb Z.

Happy holidays to one and all....may each of you experience peace and presence!

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