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Friday, December 11, 2015

Delicious Apples

Delicious Apples in Vintage Pot   Watercolor   16.75 x 13
is a still life watercolor.  My inspiration came from a couple of things.  First, a vintage pot that has been in my possession for a number of years.  Its textured surface is a marvel, the patterning appearing to be random.  But, of course, it cannot be.  The second, my love of the autumn apple.  I decided in this case to "go for the gold", rather than the ubiquitous reds, the ones most often seen in paintings. The challenge was, for me, in this textured suggest it in key areas rather than getting lost within it.  I guess I would have to say that this detailed and engaging pattern had to be sacrificed for the overall movement and visual "reading" of the work.  The white of the paper begins at the bottom and winds up through the work.  Any time that I am able to resist over-painting these whites is thrilling as well as rewarding.

I am satisfied.  (temporarily)

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