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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pink Hyacinths

Pink Hyacinths      Watercolor   11 x 14
...lacy bell-shaped blossoms atop thick and leek-like stems...quite the study of opposites.  Slow and steady to paint.  I think that I have finally learned how to suggest those small blossoms by generalization, for the most part, and a bit of detail on the small bell-shapes closest to the viewer. 

I have come to realize that reality and design in painting are often at odds with each other, and yet both have a world to offer.  And, again, as always, the recipe, the balance, between the two must be determined by each individual artist.  I am happiest when design rules...the place where reality becomes a supporting actor.  A growth spurt...another level of perception. 

I am pleased.

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