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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Wee Hours

Sophia   Sketchbook Drawing
are, for me, sacrosanct.  I greet the day, coffee by my side, as I take in my book-of-the-moment.  This is a luxury of my age to be sure.  Sometimes opportunities present themselves in a way that are impossible to resist.  While staying at our son's house, I chose a quiet corner to carry on my morning moments while both he and his wife prepared themselves for work.  Their cat Sophia, who is the quintessential lap cat, snuggled close by just beneath the reading lamp.  I had plenty of time to complete the sketch as she slumbered.  Sleeping beings are so relaxed that their weight literally melds into the support surface, in this case a soft hassock.  My day was begun in deep consideration, admiration and love.  Good Morning Sophia!

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