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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spring in Clintonville

Spring in  Clintonville   watercolor   18.5 x 16
was inspired by few days we spent with my son's family in Columbus.  Clintonville is one of those older inner city neighborhoods that one can see in any mid-size city where young families are moving in and adding a new energy to the old and tired.  I love these neighborhoods.  For me, they exude a charm that is hard to find in newer suburban towns. Frequent walks down the street helped me to understand the light patterns.  Plants and shrubs were blossoming.  The scene seemed to be flooded with light.

My aim here was to merge the home with the surrounding environment.  My sense of aesthetics seems to reject subjects that are too enclosed, too encased, too separate.  And, while I can see some passages that I would improve, this is, after all, watercolor, and "just one more correction" can easily slide into overworked.  I am gradually learning to ease into finish leaving a bit undone.  Overall, I am pleased.  The mood of the work is exactly what I wanted.

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